Engine watchdog TM4

Engine watchdog TM4

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Audible Engine & Transmission Temperature Alarm and Low Oil Pressure Monitor

TM4 Twin Sensor Vehicle displays your true engine & transmission temperatures and alarms with a Light, Loud Buzzer & Display Messages if an overheating emergency threatens your engine or transmission.

Engine Watchdog TM4 Twin Sensor Vehicle Displays 14 Different  Messages


TM4 Twin Sensor Vehicle detects ALL the causes of transmission and engine overheating, not just coolant loss. These include:

  • Leaking hoses
  • Split radiators
  • Faulty radiator caps
  • Sticky thermostats
  • Water pump failure
  • Coolant blockages
  • Air flow restrictions
  • Oil system problems

To see more technical information and why Engine Watchdogs are used by professional racing teams, see the technical information below.

Engine Watchdog prides itself on market innovation so the new model TM4 Twin Sensor Vehicle Engine & Transmission Temperature Alarm has many features not seen in previous models. New features include:

  • A modern back-lit LCD display that is very easy to read in bright sunlight or at night. The back lighting is neutral white so it blends in with both old and new dashboards alike.
  • The unit displays 14 different information and warning messages so you will always know exactly what's going on.
  • The temperature in the alarm memory briefly displays each time you start up so you know if it has been altered.
  • If using the optional OIL ALARM feature the buzzer is inhibited for 10 seconds to give you time to start the engine without it alarming. NOTE: If you do not use the oil alarm feature the delay period and "DELAY ON" message will be bypassed.
  • Water resistant front as standard.

Note: This unit also comes in a single sensor version for engine protection only (Does not monitor the transmission) Search Engine Watchdog TM1

Not sure the TM4 Twin Sensor Vehicle is the right unit for you?

Check out our comparison table at http:// enginewatchdog.com for all Engine Watchdog products to find which product will best suit your requirements.

TM4 Twin Sensor Vehicle Specifications and Features:

  • Suitable for every vehicle make and model.
  • This model is also suitable for single engine boats.
  • LCD display with automatic white back light.
  • Unit displays 14 different alarm and information messages.
  • Unit alarms using an inbuilt 85 db buzzer, indicator light and display messages.
  • The temperature in the alarm memory briefly displays each time you start up so you know if it has been altered.
  • Suits all water or air-cooled engines.
  • Suits 12 or 24 volt DC systems and is fully reverse polarity protected. Power consumption is only 15 mA with no alarms on.
  • Compact size: Less mounting tabs 80 x 30 x 60mm (3.2" x 1.2" x 2.4")
  • Two different mounting lids are supplied with the unit. One lid comes with mounting tabs at each end for under dash mounting, the other lid supplied has no mounting tabs to allow for installation on and behind the dashboard.
  • TM4 Twin Sensor Vehicle: Maximum display temperature is 125 degrees C. The alarm is set in one degree increments from 1 to 125C.
  • TM4 Twin Sensor Vehicle F: Maximum display temperature is 255 degrees F. The alarm is set in two degree increments from 34 to 255F.
  • Standard sensor wire length for each sensor is 4m (12ft) or they can be ordered to size for long vehicles.
  • Warranty - 2 years from date of purchase. The TM4 Twin Sensor Vehicle is not a 'throw away' item, it will give a life time of service and replacement parts are inexpensive and freely available.

ENGINE WATCHDOG TM4 Twin Sensor Vehicle includes two electronic 'Easy Fit' Heat Sensors, Installation kit and simple fitting instructions.

Plus, you get FREE POSTAGE & FREE OPTIONS. See the free options list below.

Engine Watchdog TM4 Twin Sensor Vehicle Supplied with 2 different  mounting lids

Free Options

NOTE: The following options are free, but we must be advised prior to shipment by an email or a note in Paypal.

  1. FAHRENHEIT UNIT USA & Canadian Customers – The TM4 Twin Sensor Vehicle can be switched to read in Fahrenheit, Specify Model 'TM4F' when ordering (reads in two degree increments from 34 to 255 degrees F) Please Note - All TM4's sent to the USA will be TM4F units unless otherwise specified. Canadian customers should still specify the model required.

  2. LONGER SENSOR LEADS The standard sensor wire length for each sensor is 4m (12ft). Please specify the length you require up to 6 metres (20ft) by email before shipment. If over 6 metres there is a small surcharge.

Technical Information


The Engine Watchdog TM4 Twin Sensor Vehicle is used by professional racing teams for good reason –

  • TM4 Twin Sensor Vehicle uses the most reliable monitoring method
    All engines radiate heat to their outer casing at a constant rate (air cooled engines depend on it).The TM4's electronic 'Easy Fit' heat sensor simply fits like a washer under any suitable bolt that is close to the cylinder head or engine block or transmission housing. Here it accurately monitors the engine and transmission metal temperatures and if overheating is detected for any reason, the TM4 alarms with an alarm light, loud buzzer and 'Engine Hot' or 'Tran Hot' message.
  • The TM4 Twin Sensor Vehicle tells you exactly what's going on under the bonnet and in the transmission
    Many factory fit gauges indicate normal after you drive just a few kilometres and then do not alter on even the hottest days. Obviously the engine temperature is constantly altering as you drive in varying traffic and road conditions, yet the gauge is not responding. This is because they have a 'flat spot' around the normal mark and will not move until something is very wrong, often once it is too late. The TM4 has the sensitivity required to display every temperature change as it occurs and in an emergency will alert you before your existing dash gauge has even moved. Having the added advantage of monitoring your transmission temperature makes this unit invaluable for high performance and load bearing vehicles.
  • TM4 Twin Sensor Vehicle comes standard with the option to turn your existing dashboard oil light, into an'Audible Warning Light'
    If this optional wire is tagged to the engine's Oil Light Sender new messages will display on the screen. The new messages are: 'Engine Delay', this gives you time to start the engine before the audible oil alarm activates. 'Low Oil', this message and the alarm buzzer will activate instantly if low oil pressure is detected while you are driving. (Not suitable for oil gauge sensors. If you want this feature and only have an oil gauge, you will need to fit an inexpensive car type Oil Light Sender).
  • You can program the TM4's alarm sensitivity to suit your engine
    With a TM4 Twin Sensor Vehicle you don't even need to know your engine's temperature specifications to set the overheating alarm. You simply note the highest temperature your engine or transmission reaches during normal driving and then set the audible alarm to go off at a few degrees higher by pressing the button on the front. You get to set the alarm sensitivity and it's no harder than setting an alarm clock. If the alarm goes off while the engine is working hard, you can simply press the front button to stop the alarm, or give it another press to increase the alarm temperature. The engine and transmission alarm temperatures can be set independently of each other.
  • The TM4 Twin Sensor Vehicle is very easy to fit
    TM4's can be fitted by any home handyman. The main unit fits under the dash (Compact size - 80 x 30 x 60 mm, plus mounting tabs). The 'Easy Fit' temperature sensors takes a few seconds to bolt to the engine and the transmission. The power just plugs into the cigarette lighter socket or it can be hard wired to your vehicle's electrical system. TM4 suits 12 or 24 volt systems.
    For pictures and more installation details go to http://enginewatchdog.com and see the TM4 Installation Page.
  • The TM4's sensor cannot cause coolant leaks or transmission leaks, or void the engine's warranty
    The TM4 Twin Sensor Vehicle is perfectly safe to fit because it does not require you to break into the cooling system or the transmission in any way.


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